Saturday, March 10, 2012

Releasing Anxiety

Well today I'm starting on a new journey. Blogging.. Don't really understand blogging but her I go. I'm a 52 yr old woman with a lot of time on my hand. I've been experiencing anxiety attacks for some years now. Not everyday but like every 5-6 months like clock work. Went to the Dr yesterday. Doctor say I need to find a way to release the pinned up feelings I'm having. I starting doing the polvore thing about a month ago and I've found it to be more interesting and relaxing than Face book. No drama and addiction to the games! Wow I said it I was actually addicted to the games. However now I'm moving own. Fashion has always been an interest of mine. I love creating new looks, in my spare time I'm a wedding planner and bridal consultant. I know no one is interested in my boring life. But what the heck! I've been through some storms but the son is shining in my life and I'm moving own. So own with the show using Polyvore as an outlet to my peace of mine. I'm so relaxed when I'm creating a set. Still learning my way aroundPolyvore . Now to just learn to grab attention with my sets and how to get them out their. So let's get started and I'll let you know on a daily basic how this is helping my anxiety.So for now as Whitney Houston said I'm going to "Try It On My Own"............

Mrs B

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